Serve up high-quality food cooked to perfection every time with Paragon, the new induction cooking system created by FirstBuild. It makes cooking faster, safer, easier, and more efficient with advanced heating and monitoring technology that sets a new standard in
induction cooking.

Easy & Flexible Setup

Rechargeable wireless thermometer makes it easy to adjust and maintain target cooking temperature

Cooktop surface stays cool to the touch for safe cooking and easy cleanup

Compact size allows for quick setup and storage

wireless thermometer
induction cooktop

Fast & Efficient
Induction Cooking

Powerful 1400 W burner heats water quickly

Magnetic energy directly heats pots and pans for even and controlled temperature

Mobile Control &

Precise temperature control that you can monitor in the kitchen or on-the-go

Thermometer connects to burner via Bluetooth

Burner connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth

iOS app provides recipes and remote control of the burner for certain applications

mobile monitoring

What the Heck is Sous Vide Cooking?

“Sous Vide” is an easy way to make perfectly cooked food. Just follow the steps below:


1. Set


2. Season


3. Submerge


4. Sear


5. Serve


Holds up to a 12” diameter pot


Wifi connection between the burner and mobile device


iOS and Android app for mobile control


Powerful 1440 W induction burner heats up quickly

The Paragon Induction Cooktop Story


The Paragon Cooktop was designed and developed by FirstBuild, a collaborative online and physical community of designers, engineers and appliance users dedicated to developing and manufacturing the next generation of home appliances.

It all started with an idea submitted by Brad Walchak, a community member on the FirstBuild CoCreate website. The idea was for a cooktop that could be controlled via wireless temperature sensor so you could cook food to precise temperatures using methods like sous vide. After the initial idea was submitted and voted up by the community it was then evaluated and moved onto prototyping.

At the start of the prototyping stage two challenges were given to the the FirstBuild community, to help design the Hardware and User Interface (UI) of Paragon cooktop. Winners were chosen based on community voting and collaboration. The winning entries have heavily influenced the look and feel of both the bluetooth-connected cooking device and the associated app.

Order your Paragon Induction Cooktop on Indiegogo today.

Cooktop FAQ

What makes Paragon different?
The Paragon induction cooktop monitors food and water temperature directly, offering precise control of food temperature. Precision cooking with Paragon is easier and produces restaurant quality, repeatable results.

The Paragon induction cooktop uses ThermaSync technology to maintain food and liquids at a precise temperature. Feedback from a wireless temperature sensor controls the heat to maintain the exact desired temperature with virtually no fluctuation during the entire cooking process.

Where can I buy a Paragon Induction Cooktop?
Right now, you can pre-order your Paragon at Indiegogo.

What cooking methods does Paragon support?
The Paragon Induction Cooktop is capable of cooking using several methods with precision that has not been available to home cooks in single device. Sous vide, deep frying, simmering, and holding at precise serving temperature are all assisted by the wireless temperature sensor.

Paragon is powerful enough to sear meats, and also provides a standard (non-feedback controlled) cooking mode by setting burner power to levels 1-10.

Can Paragon deep fry?
Deep frying on a traditional cooktop can be a real challenge. Paragon controls temperature constantly to avoid overheating oil. When cool or frozen foods are added to the oil, Paragon responds immediately by increasing burner heat. This is simply not possible without direct measurement of the oil temperature.

The wireless temperature sensor  is designed for temperatures up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit for temperature-controlled deep frying. The cooktop itself will be capable of reaching a temperature of 500 degrees Fahrenheit for searing and regular cooking.

Why is temperature control so important?
Controlling temperature is one of the most critical components to cooking. Consider the following examples:

Steak is notoriously difficult to cook just the way you want. Just a few degrees too high, and your medium rare steak turns to medium well. With Paragon, you can get edge-to-edge medium rare, medium well, or whatever you like. You get the same results every time.

Cooking candies like caramel requires constant monitoring of a thermometer or testing the hardness. Paragon monitors the temp for you and ensures that the temp never exceeds your target temperature.

Deep frying on a standard cooktop can be a real challenge. Paragon makes sure the oil temperature never exceeds your target temperature, but also responds immediately when cool foods are added to the oil.

Imagine the possibilities. With Paragon, we can constantly monitor the cooking temperature. FirstBuild community members are working on new applications that reduce the complexity of tasks like brewing beer and cooking rice. Ultimately, we envision a system that can replay any cooking temperature profile to ensure that whatever you are cooking is made perfect, the same every time.

Can I use it for Sous vide cooking?
Yes. It is does sous vide cooking with professional results.

Paragon offers sous vide cooking and searing - all in one device. But it can also deep fry,  simmer, and hold foods at temperature with a level of precision that just was not available before in a single device for home cooks.

How does it work?
The wireless temperature sensor continuously monitors the temperature and wirelessly sends this information to the cooktop, which automatically adjusts the burner’s heat output to maintain the set temperature.

The temperature can be controlled by either directly on the cooktop or via the Paragon app.

What is included when I buy Paragon?
– Wireless temperature sensor 
 – Cooktop 
 – Paragon Cooktop App (which will be downloadable on your smartphone for free)

How does the wireless temperature sensor work?
The wireless temperature sensor constantly monitors the temperature of whatever you are cooking. The temperature is transmitted via Bluetooth to the cooktop, which adjusts burner heat to ensure your food is cooked to perfection.

How do I recharge the wireless temperature sensor?
The wireless temperature sensor has a battery life of about 3 months with frequent use (2 hours per day). The battery life indicator will blink when the battery is low. To recharge, connect to a computer or wall outlet via the micro-USB port.

What type of cookware do I need?
Cookware must be compatible with Paragon’s induction technology. To test your pot or pan, just verify a magnet clings when held against the bottom of the cookware. Many, if not most, pots and pans work with induction cooktops. Induction-ready pots are widely available, and start at very reasonable prices.

How big is Paragon?
The glass cooktop surface is about 11.75 inches in diameter. It stores comfortably under the counter.

What is so special about induction cooking?
Traditional electric cooktops can provide only one power level: HOT! They create a range of temperatures by cycling the heater on and off at varying frequencies.

The Paragon provides constant heat at your desired temperature, allowing for accurate and consistent control of the cooking process. That’s why induction cooking is great for delicate cooking needs like melting chocolate.

The Paragon uses magnetic induction to heat the pan, not the glass cooktop. This provides for quick, efficient and safe heating of your food and faster cooling of the glass cooktop.

How much does it cost?
The Paragon Induction Cooktop will be sold at retail for $249. We are offering a discount for our Indiegogo backers who support Paragon early, so get your Paragon today.


Can I use the cooktop without the smartphone app?
Yes, the cooktop will be able to cook in both precision mode and standard mode without the app.

How does the App work?
The Paragon app connects to your Induction Cooktop via Bluetooth.

Select the type of food, the desired “doneness” and press start. The app will automatically set the temperature and time to cook.  Your phone will notify you when your food is cooked.

Can I save my own recipes in the app?
We plan to add personal recipe and community-contributed recipe functionality to the app in the future. This way, the library of recipes and applications will grow over time as users share recipes with the Paragon community. Since the software for Paragon is open source, users will be able to design apps for specific cooking needs. We are constantly on the lookout for new uses.


Indiegogo FAQ

Is there an international version of Paragon?
Paragon requires 120V and has a standard US plug.

Where can I buy the Paragon on Indiegogo?
Here is the link to buy the Paragon Induction Cooktop at Indiegogo.

Do you ship internationally?
We can ship internationally for an additional $25. Please add $25 to your pledge. We expect international shipments to be delayed by up to 4 weeks.

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